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Babel Screenshot
Babel Screenshot showing a user who has a native understanding of Russian language and advanced knowledge of English language

Babel is a powerful feature on WikiTide that facilitates multilingual communication and collaboration among users who speak different languages. With Babel, contributors can easily indicate their language proficiency and engage in discussions, content translation, and collaboration across language barriers. This information and help page will guide you through the functionalities and usage of Babel on the WikiTide platform.

Understanding Babel[edit source]

Babel is designed to provide a seamless experience for multilingual users on WikiTide. It allows users to specify their language skills and preferences on their user pages using templates representing different languages.

Language Templates[edit source]

To indicate your language proficiency, you can use language templates on your user page. Here's an example of how to add a language template for English:


In this example: - "en" represents the language code for English. - "N" stands for native speaker, indicating that English is your native language. You can use different codes like "4" for near-native fluency or "1" for basic understanding.

To add multiple languages, simply separate the language codes with the pipe character |.

Language Categories[edit source]

Babel uses language categories to group users based on their language proficiency. These categories help identify users with specific language skills, facilitating easy collaboration.

For example, if you add the language template for French with "2" for intermediate proficiency: {{#babel:fr-2}} You will be automatically included in the "User fr-2" category.