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About WikiTide

WikiTide is a free community-focused non-profit wiki farm (host) that is run entirely on donations from generous people like you!

We have no staff and are run by generous volunteers who devote their years of MediaWiki expertise to helping communities and individuals share knowledge and information.

WikiTide proudly hosts wikis on various topics like culture, technology, non-profit outreaches, and more. Our main goal is to break down economic barriers which impede the sharing of knowledge.

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WikiTide news
  • December 2023: WikiTide Foundation, Inc. is officially approved by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization!
  • October 2023: CirrusSearch is now available on request for select WikiTide wikis!
  • September 2023: WikiTide upgraded infrastructure!
  • July 2023: WikiTide is officially incorporated as a non-profit!
  • July 2023: WikiTide upgrades to MediaWiki 1.40!
  • June 2023: WikiTide is created!
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