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I am a Meta administrator and backup wiki request reviewer for WikiTide. Occasionally I advise the Stewards. My activity is on and off, but feel free to reach out if you think I can be of service.

Either you're seeing this page on Meta, or I've attached to your wiki browsing around (I like visiting places). Keep in mind any links are designed for meta in the latter case.

Background[edit source]

Before incorporation I assisted as a Steward for WikiTide. Before then I was a Steward for Miraheze, and have a fair amount of experience with administering wikis and wiki farms. You may see me on related platforms or independent wikis.

Contact[edit source]

I'm open for contact on my talk page or through the official WikiTide Discord server. I'll get notifications from any local wiki talk pages.

Essays & WIPs[edit source]

Every so often I come up with things to write up and they appear in this list. They are open to feedback and correction, and adoption as well should I disappear for a long period.