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MediaWiki compatibility

WikiTide supports all browsers which are supported by the version of MediaWiki which WikiTide runs (currently, MediaWiki 1.40.2 (c350c4e)).

MediaWiki divides all web browsers into 3 categories: Grade A (modern browsers, full support), Grade C (basic support), and Grade X (unknown):

  • Grade A browsers have MediaWiki's full support and are tested as being able to support all of MediaWiki's core features.
  • Grade C browsers are those that do not support some web standards, such as older browsers. MediaWiki attempts to disable some features in an effort to ensure readability of content, but their full support is not guaranteed.
  • Grade X browsers are all those browsers that are either no longer supported or have a user base that is too small to focus on. Grade X browsers are treated like Grade A browsers, meaning that MediaWiki does not fall back and disable features like it does for Grade C browsers. This is done deliberately to allow users of modern web browsers without a big user base to experience MediaWiki to the fullest.

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