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Skins customize the appearance of a wiki. WikiTide offers an extensive collection of skins and allows you to pick one as your default on your wiki. The global default on WikiTide is Vector 2022, which replaced Vector as the default in MediaWiki 1.38.

For a complete list of skins (including those not installed on WikiTide), see Skins on

Skins currently available on WikiTide[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of all currently available skins on WikiTide. Skins marked in bold below are installed by default when you create a new wiki on WikiTide. If the skin you want is found below, but not in bold, you may enable it via ManageWiki. After enabling a skin, you can set it as a default via Special:ManageWiki/settings.

 Note: The list below can be outdated. For an always up-to-date list, click here.

Don't see a skin you want? Request it!

FAQ[edit | edit source]

A skin I want isn't on here, how do I request it be installed?
Please file a task on Phorge requesting that a skin be installed. Please ensure the skin isn't on our declined list before making the task.
I enabled a skin but nothing changed, why?
Enabling a skin is not the same as changing the default. All enabling a skin does is make it available to pick in your user preferences. To change the default skin, please read the next section.
How do I set a skin as the default?
To set a new default skin on your wiki, please go to Special:ManageWiki/settings > Styling > Default skin (on your wiki). Once you change the skin, depending on your cache settings, it may take a few minutes to change on your screen.
How do I change only my personal skin?
To change your personal skin, visit your skin preferences.

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