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Please reach out to a Steward for policy confirmation in case of questions

Requests and proposals
This is an index of pages where users can make proposals or requests.

On Meta[edit | edit source]

Global proposals and requests[edit | edit source]

Link Description
Community noticeboard General requests for WikiTide improvements, contests, events, collaborations, and services. From important unresolved bugs and feature requests to major new initiatives; a unified summary with pointers to more specific discussions being held elsewhere.
Stewards' noticeboard Bring issues to stewards attention or request they take action in certain cases.

Local requests[edit | edit source]

Link Description
Meta Administrators' noticeboard Administrators and bureaucrats don't watch every page at all times. Bring up matters that need their attention on this page or discuss local issues.

For your wiki[edit | edit source]

Note that the following pages are guides, and not the actual place to make requests. Actual requests, in general, should be made on Phorge.

Link Description
Request features Request features unavailable in ManageWiki.
Moving a wiki to WikiTide If you want to move to WikiTide, just follow the procedures here.