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WikiTide's Phorge URL:

Phorge is WikiTide's software solution for users to create tickets for technical requests or to report technical issues with their wiki's normal function.

Some examples of when you might need to file a Phorge request:

  • Importing large backup files when migrating to WikiTide from another wikihosting service
  • Requesting a Custom domain be added to your wiki
  • Requesting a new subdomain for your wiki
  • Requesting changes to configuration settings not available via ManageWiki
  • Requesting review of a new extension to be added to the platform's default set
  • Reporting unexpected errors with your wiki's normal operation

If you're not sure whether an issue might need a Phorge ticket or generally need guidance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us on our community Discord

Logging In[edit | edit source]

To file a ticket on Phorge, one must first log in by connecting their WikiTide user account to Phorge.

(WIP, needs next steps)


  • Make sure to have created WT account w/ associated email, verify your email attached to WT
  • click mediawiki acct for OAOuth start
  • When taken to WT page, click approve, click Verify part of button that says ```verify [email redacted]```
  • Confirm user acct shows up

Filing a ticket[edit | edit source]

(WIP, needs content)