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MediaWiki is the site software used by WikiTide. It is currently maintained by the Wikimedia Foundation which also hosts Wikipedia and its sister projects. Currently, WikiTide runs on MediaWiki 1.40.2 (c350c4e).

WikiTide runs a vanilla version of MediaWiki, free from modifications. WikiTide's extensions and skins are also all free from any modification. Any necessary change to MediaWiki is done either upstream or through our local configuration but never altering the core code of MediaWiki. As such, any request to modify core or extension/skin code will be rejected, especially since code changes affect all wikis.

WikiTide commits itself to always running the most up-to-date version of MediaWiki, and usually upgrades MediaWiki versions a few weeks after the release of the latest MediaWiki version.

For help with MediaWiki, ask on the Community portal.

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