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WikiTide's Global Conduct Policy (GCP) is a conduct policy that applies individually to all users on all wikis. This policy sets the standards for user behavior and defines what conduct is considered unacceptable.

Off-wiki platform (e.g. Discord, IRC, Phorge) conduct is governed by the WikiTide Spaces Code of Conduct.

Prohibited conduct


Harassment of fellow users is strictly prohibited. To classify as harassment under this section, it typically requires a recurring pattern of behavior, although in some cases, a single occurrence may suffice. Harassment, as defined in this Global Conduct Policy, encompasses the following but is not limited to
  • Engaging in personal attacks, promoting violence, making threats, or engaging in deliberate intimidation.
  • Making offensive, derogatory, or discriminatory remarks.
  • Employing explicit or irrelevant sexual language or imagery in an inappropriate manner.
  • Initiating unwanted public or private communication, persistent following, or any form of stalking.
  • Disclosing or threatening to disclose someone's identity or private information without their consent. It's crucial to note that consent for revealing some identifying information doesn't imply consent for disclosing other identifying details.
  • Inappropriately or undesirably publishing private communications. However, sharing or reporting private communication or personally identifying information for the purpose of reporting harassment (as outlined here) is acceptable.
  • Discrimination, particularly targeting marginalized and underrepresented groups. While reaching out to such groups in a supportive manner is encouraged, discriminatory behavior is not tolerated.
  • Filing reports against users for purposes other than reporting genuine violations of global policies (e.g., retaliatory actions against a reporter or victim by filing a report alleging their response was harassment).
  • Repeatedly failing to handle harassment appropriately despite receiving proper warnings from global functionaries.

Inappropriate behavior

In addition to the previously mentioned rules, it's important to emphasize that users must not engage in behavior that creates a sense of threat or discomfort among others. This includes actions such as repeated personal attacks against multiple users, casting doubts on their character, making unfounded accusations, or attributing statements to users that they haven't actually made.

Hate speech

Hate speech is not allowed. This encompasses actions such as employing racist, homophobic, or other derogatory language directed at individuals or groups of people.

Personal threats

Personal threats are not allowed. This includes instances such as issuing death threats, threats of harm, or threats of violence.


Global and local functionaries (such as Stewards, administrators, etc.) are held to a more stringent standard compared to other community members. It is equally important that they do not misuse their permissions to harass or intimidate others. In the event that members of these groups breach this policy, they should anticipate receiving less leniency than non-functionaries.


Local administrators are responsible for enforcing the Global Conduct Policy. This may include reverting revisions, hiding revisions, warning users, blocking users, etc.

Stewards and Global Sysops may enforce the Global Conduct Policy where necessary.


Local administrators are in principle free to decide what sanctions to apply to users who violate this policy. In certain situations, if Stewards believe that the sanction imposed is very disproportionate to the violation and/or the harm done, they may modify the sanction imposed.

If a user violates this policy on multiple wikis, or if their violations are deemed very severe, they may be globally locked.

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