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Frequently asked questions

Welcome to WikiTide! This is a page listing some questions that people might have. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in the Community portal.

Is WikiTide free?[edit | edit source]

Yes, WikiTide is completely free. We never feature ads and are powered by donations from generous benefactors like you.

What kind of wikis does WikiTide host?[edit | edit source]

WikiTide supports wikis on many subjects, but some may fall under higher scrutiny or not be approved. For an idea of what we accept, please see the Content Policy.

Where are WikiTide servers located?[edit | edit source]

Our servers are located primarily in the United States.

Is WikiTide a non-profit?[edit | edit source]

Yes. We are a registered and incorporated non-profit corporation. We have applied for IRS 503(c)(1) recognition to help support our mission. For more about the organization please see Board of Directors.

Who are the volunteers and what are their roles?[edit | edit source]

The platform is run day to day by the Stewards and assisted in global matters by the Counter Vandalism Team.

There are also Meta Administrators and wiki request reviewers to assist in local administration.

Other roles may exist for further delegated tasks.

Do I need to make a backup of my wiki?[edit | edit source]

Administrators are not required to make backups, but it would be good practice to do so. WikiTide makes its own backups both in the background in case of a server problem and publicly on Archive.org.

Is there a list of WikiTide wikis?[edit | edit source]

See Special:WikiDiscover

How to get my user page copied to other WikiTide wikis?[edit | edit source]

If no local page exists, user pages created on this Meta wiki are used on all other wikis, (there isn't a separate login wiki).

How do I configure my wiki[edit | edit source]

Simple features (such as enabling existing extensions, changing a logo/favicon, etc.) can be done by following the links in the sidebar, beneath Administration. For greyed-out options, please ask a Steward. For an unlisted extension or some other setting that you would like, please open a ticket on issue-tracker.wikitide.org.

Why can't I edit my wiki's CSS/JavaScript files?[edit | edit source]

As an additional security measure, tasks that fall under Interface Admininstrator permissions are not enabled by default. To enable this, click 'Manage this wiki's permissions' in the sidebar, select the Administrators group, and then, under Unassigned permissions, check the 'editsitecss,' 'editsitejson,' and 'editsitejs' boxes.

Examples of tasks that require 2FA:

  • Editing Global CSS/JSON/JavaScript pages for a wiki
  • Editing other users' personal CSS/JSON/JavaScript settings on your wiki
  • Editing interface messages

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